born in ‘91, Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

○ public sculpture/installation for the Ars Publica.Res Publica residency programme at the Railway Workers Park ● Cluj, Romania
○ participant of the GNAP Eastern Europe
● Gabrovtsi - Bulgaria, Lăzarea - Romania, Noszvaj - Hungary
○ participant of the GNAP Germany at the Internationales Waldkunstzentrum ● Darmstadt, Germany

public sculpture/installation for Orașul Vizibil, Cluj
○ participant of the round-table talk Art ft. Politics at
○ workflow (cataloging and building the Relații cu Publicul collection) at conset studio ● Tranzit House, Cluj
project at the International Summer School ”Arhitecture-Installations-Landscaping” by Oberliht ● Chișinău, Moldova
Exhibition at the UAD's library, Cluj
Residency at Museum's Quartier Wien, through and ERSTE Stiftung
more info about these two projects can be found at the neorînduială and links section of this page, or at

○ ESSL Museum / Fascination Photography - group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
○ MAMŰ Gallery / “Sketch” group exhibition of the new MAMŰ members / Budapest, Hungary
○ Incubarte 7 Festival @ Sala Lametro / group exhibition / Valencia, Spain
○ Erasmus+ traineeship in the studio of Virgilius Moldovan / Vienna, Austria
○ Nature Art camp / workflow and installation / Márokföld, Hungary
○ FKSE Gallery / “GREEN” group exhibition / Budapest, Hungary

○ University of Arts and Design’s sculpture section / MA studies, class of Septimiu Jugrestan / Cluj-Napoca, România
○ Ringturm gallery / “Young Art from CEE” group exhibition / Vienna, Austria
○ Kepes Institute / diploma exhibition / Eger, Hungary
○ MAMŰ Gallery / “Natural Substances” group exhibition / Budapest, Hungary
○ ISI Gallery / “VAD” group exhibition / Yogyakarta, Indonesia
○ Yatoo AiR 2014 / residency and solo exhibition / Wongol (Gong Ju), South Korea

○ since October I have organised and co-managed six cooking events, which served as a platform for sparking up social awareness. Thanks to these events, I got to know the people of (A)casă and get involved in their activity.

○ ESSL Art Award CEE winner + VIG Special Invitation in Hungary
○ Mai Manó House / “Nominees night” group exhibition / Budapest, Hungary
○ ESSL Museum / “Transcending Cultures” group exhibition / Klosterneuburg bei Wien, Austria
○ Art-Nature Symposium with Duppini group / Gabrovtsi, Bulgaria
○ Student art camp in Villány / Gyimóthy Villa, Hungary
○ Minimum Party / Nature art workshop with Erőss István / Kászon, România
○ Kepes Institute / workflow and installation at the “Ekler Dezső retrospective exhibition” / Eger, Hungary

○ Erasmus scholarship / Trabzon, Turkey

○ “Magtart” International Nature Art Symposium / assistant / Bódvaszilas, Hungary

○ Eszterházy Károly College, department of Fine Arts / BA studies, class of Erőss István / Eger, Hungary
○ Geumgang Nature Art Biennale / assistant / Gong-Ju, South Korea