works in three (3!) dimensions
Gate at the South-Eastern part of the Railway workers' Park

A decorative gate/portal that cannot be closed, marking the place of an older, informal entrance into the park.

The floral motifs are taken from the Goharshad mosque (Mashhad), the Yeshua Tova synagogue (Bucharest), the Dormition of the Theotokos cathedral and the "Kakasos" Reformed church (both of them in Klausenburg)

It turned out, that the entrance must be closed in order to prevent hooligans from entering the park during the night. The old bars were welded back.

After some negotiations, the city manager agreed to let the entrance open, but only if it's possible to close it.

And so, these wonderful hinges were attached.

And a thick lock, marked in strength as 6, on a scale of 1 to 10.
Social inclusion

Eger 2013
Watchtower conflict, Márokföld

Bácsi Sztella, Nyilas Ágnes, Kopacz Kund
Tree house

project created during ȘIVAIP 2016, Zaikin Park, Chișinău.
Alexandre Cubizolles, Andrei Vatamaniuc, Cristi Borcan, Dana Kosmina, Gabriela Nichifor, Kopacz Kund, Stanislav Vrednic

Cluj 2015

Yatoo AIR 2014, South Korea

Minimum Party 2013

Minimum Party 2013
Bartha Máté, Bánkúti Gergő, Csibi Boróka, Kenesei Zsófi, Kopacz Kund, Máthé Péter, Sógor Ákos
Erőss István

One day work-flow at the Kepes Institute, Eger
Bánkúti Gergő, Fórizs Rita, Kenesei Zsófi, Keresztesi Róbert, Kocsis Barbara, Kopacz Kund, Lipkovics Péter, Nagy Angi Mangi, Nagy Nikol
Balázs Péter
Erőss István

Balázs Péter, Fórizs Rita, Keresztes Robi, Kocsis Barbara, Kopacz Kund, Lipkovics Péter
Eger, 2013

South Korea, 2014

South Korea, 2014

Cluj, 2015

Cluj, 2015

Cluj, 2015