Ongoing series of works created in a very short time, or, comments and observations on current states of affair.
Soil preparation for parquet flooring

2020, Romania
Footsteps marching towards tractor tracks

Germany, 2017
Structure, 2013
A playful combination of geometric and organic forms, synthetic...
Extension I., 2015

An opinion about social integration.
Extension II., 2015
atypical archetypes I., 2016
The installation consists of materials bought from the local...

Eger, 2014
atypical archetypes II., 2016
A broom decorated so much, that it becomes useless. The work...

Grill on traditional decorative plate.árnyasnap.jpg
Winged sun

Eger, 2013
Workflow with Balázs Péter, Fórizs Rita, Keresztes Robi, Kocsis...

One day after.