Born in ‘91, Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc, Romania.
Currently living and working in Eger and Bucharest.

○ organiser of the Project Weeks at the Institute of Fine Arts and Theory of Art ● Eger, Hungary
○ improvised presentation of the Concept Car ● Miercurea Ciuc, Romania
UPDATE - group exhibition DLA students of the PTE Doctoral School, Nádor Gallery: curated by Mona Birkás & Éva Paragi ● Pécs, Hungary
○ workshop leader at the 26th Minimum Party ● Kászon, Romania

○ start of doctoral studies at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts ● Pécs, Hungary
○ Assistant lecturer at the Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, Institute of Fine Arts and Theory of Art ● Eger, Hungary
Having no common past, let's have a common future - group exhibition in FKSE Gallery: curated by Anna Zsoldos, texts here and here ● Budapest, Hungary
INTRO 9 - group exhibition of DLA students of the PTE Doctoral School, Nádor Gallery: curated by Kovács Nikolett & Lipkovics Péter ● Pécs, Hungary

Derkovits scolarship ● Hungary
Images of landscape - first solo exhibition at the MAMŰ Gallery ● Budapest, Hungary
○ participant of the II. Art camp for MAMŰ members at the Lăzarea Cultural Centre ● Lăzarea, Romania
○ works in the collection of Albertina Modern, Vienna and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest

Derkovits scolarship ● Hungary
public installation for ADATA AiR ● Plovdiv, Bulgaria
○ participant of the 9th Pulzus Art Camp ● Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

Derkovits scolarship ● Hungary
○ resident at the ADATA AiR ● Plovdiv, Bulgaria
○ participant of the I. Partium Art Projects ● Finiș/Várasfenes, Romania

○ participant at the I. Gujing Biennale ● Gujing, Guangdong Province, China
○ public sculpture/installation for the Ars Publica.Res Publica residency programme at the Railway Workers Park ● Cluj, Romania
○ participant of the GNAP Eastern Europe ● Gabrovtsi - Bulgaria, Lăzarea - Romania, Noszvaj - Hungary
○ participant of the GNAP Germany at the Internationales Waldkunstzentrum ● Darmstadt, Germany

public sculpture/installation for Orașul Vizibil ● Cluj, Romania
○ participant of the round-table talk Art ft. Politics ●
○ workflow (cataloging and building the Relații cu Publicul collection) at conset studio ● Tranzit House, Cluj, Romania
project at the International Summer School ”Arhitecture-Installations-Landscaping” by Oberliht ● Chișinău, Moldova
Exhibition at the UAD's library ● Cluj, Romania
Residency at Museum's Quartier Wien, through and ERSTE Stiftung
more info about these two projects can be found at the _neorînduială section of this page, or at

ESSL Museum / Fascination Photography - group exhibition ● Klosterneuburg bei Wien, Austria
MAMŰ Gallery / “DRAFT” group exhibition of the new MAMŰ members ● Budapest, Hungary
Incubarte 7 Festival @ Sala Lametro / group exhibition ● Valencia, Spain
○ Erasmus+ traineeship in the studio of Virgilius Moldovan ● Vienna, Austria
○ Nature Art camp / workflow and installation ● Márokföld, Hungary
FKSE Gallery / #GREEN group exhibition ● Budapest, Hungary

○ University of Arts and Design’s sculpture section / MA studies, class of Septimiu Jugrestan ● Cluj-Napoca, România
Ringturm gallery / “Young Art from CEE” group exhibition ● Vienna, Austria
○ Kepes Institute / diploma exhibition ● Eger, Hungary
MAMŰ Gallery / “Natural Substances” group exhibition ● Budapest, Hungary
○ ISI Gallery / “VAD” group exhibition ● Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Yatoo AiR 2014 / residency and solo exhibition ● Wongol (Gong Ju), South Korea

○ from October 2014 until May 2015 I have organised and co-managed six cooking events, which served as a platform for sparking up social awareness. Thanks to these events, I got to know the people of (A)casă and get involved in their activity.

ESSL Art Award CEE winner + VIG Special Invitation ● Hungary
Mai Manó House / “Nominees night” group exhibition ● Budapest, Hungary
○ ESSL Museum / “Transcending Cultures” group exhibition ● Klosterneuburg bei Wien, Austria
Art-Nature Symposium with Duppini group ● Gabrovtsi, Bulgaria
○ participant at the student art camp in Gyimóthy Villa ● Villány, Hungary
○ Minimum Party / Nature art workshop with Erőss István ● Kászon, România
○ Kepes Institute / workflow and installation at the “Ekler Dezső retrospective exhibition” ● Eger, Hungary

○ Erasmus scholarship ● Trabzon, Turkey

“Magtart” International Nature Art Symposium / assistant ● Bódvaszilas, Hungary

○ Eszterházy Károly College, Department of Fine Arts, BA at the Nature Art specialisation: class of Erőss István ● Eger, Hungary
○ Geumgang Nature Art Biennale / assistant ● Gong Ju, South Korea