_ Haystack

Haystack as Big as a Chapel

The author describes the work as a non-habitable structure born out of a day-long walk in the local countryside. It is a reinterpretation of the traditional way of setting up hay in the region to prepare it for cattle consumption. The piece, which at first can be understood as a sculpture, establishes meaningful connections with the surrounding landscape through its dimensions and strategic placement, in the site, right by the entrance, at the highest topographical point. The shape, which appeals to ancient Christian chapels, acquires a beautifully disquieting and vaguely animistic aura, given the roughness of the hay and the structure made of roughly cut trees.
text by Cristián Frías and Marius Stan

Project made at the Sky Hill Land Art program, organized by Marius Miclăuș of Archaeus Foundation, curated by Cristián Frías.
A documentation of the process and the art camp can be viewed here.