Autoportrait (1000HP concept SUV on the field) (2022)

see HQ version here:

Me here, me there (2022)

HQ version here:

Active recreation (2020)

One minute installation/performance

HQ version can be found at

Soil preparation for parquet flooring (2020)

One minute installation, performance

HQ version can be found at

Stretching (2018)

Filmed during the I. Partium Art Projects camp.
Athlete: Péter Lipkovics

Powder (2018)

Cleaning a carpet

Love, but from a safe distance (2017)

An attempt to catch and cuddle chickens at an eko-retro-bio-techno farm near Darmstadt, Germany

Footprint (2017)

Kamchia, Bulgaria

Ampmeter (2017)

Kamchia, Bulgaria