_ GNAP Eastern Europe

The Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) started out as an idea proposed by the Korean Nature Artists’ Association – YATOO from South Korea, which has since turned into a movement. It is travelling globally across continents to reinstate people’s awareness, concern, knowledge and responsibility towards our environment. The Global Nomadic Art Project 2014–2018 offered artists the opportunity to influence and explore contemporary cultural attitudes towards Nature, providing them alternative ways of understanding and insights into past legacies.

In 2017, this edition of GNAP in Eastern Europe was organised around the concept, the idea of rural stages. Around 20 artists from all over the world stayed in and travelled rural areas in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, meeting with local artists in places where art camps with a long tradition are held. Thus, approximately 50 artists met and created works of nature art, characterised as "small gestures".

My role was to document every artwork and the general atmosphere of the event. More info and photos can be found here and here.

at Kamchia beach, Bulgaria

at the cave dwellings in Noszvaj, Hungary