_ Still Life

The installation is meant to stand as a playful and visually attractive space on the boulevard of Maritsa, marking a new spot in the sequence of public goods along the path. The rich floral motifs on the different types of curtains connect the feeling of home with the forms of nature, thus creating a bond between the natural and the human made. The translucent textiles mark the thin border between private and public, interior and exterior, large and small space. It was designed to fulfil a paradoxical state: occupying space while still leaving it unoccupied.
The space will keep changing with the passing of seasons, in fact, it should be changed. It could become for a few hours a marketplace, a wedding hall, an exhibition space, a decoration for a theatre play or just a meeting point.

A performance titled “Proof of concept” was held to showcase different scenarios of its spatial configuration.
It was designed to be a temporary installation, one that will become a different type of public good after it is dismantled.

"Natură Statică” is produced within the ADATA artist-in-residence program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019

Many many thanks to Vanya, Adi and Grozdan for helping to build the installation.