_ Construction Materials

An attempt to digest (after Vilém Flusser) the characterless, shallow, mass-produced construction materials and humanize them. Conceptually, in the same manner as nature had been cultivated and turned into such materials, this final process of cultivation, that is pleasing manual labour (after William Morris), will mark the end of the production line. The fact that these materials are as widely available as their very own raw materials, carry within them the risk of confusing something that is present by natural order with what has been made available.
When everything will be automatized (although it never will, with the given infrastructure and the types of work that remain will be the most unpleasant ones) only the crafts will be able to defeat the massive boredom.

The works were created during the Derkovits scholarship, a monthly grant for up to three years offered by the Hungarian state since 1955.

exhibition view at m21 gallery, Pécs